Saturday, July 19, 2014



The hubby and I are expecting a Little Mr this November!!

We are so excited to meet our little man. I am currently 21 weeks and feeling great! The little mr. is due to arrive Nov 30, however, the Dr. expects I'll probably be a little earlier (baby's measuring further than my original due date).  This makes it even more exciting because (regardless of when he decides to show his face) we have a whole bunch of family and close family friends coming into town for Thanksgiving!!  What a special time it will be! :)

Now that the 'cats outta the bag' I can apologize for my absence on this little ol' blog over the past 5 months! You'll forgive me now… right? :)

Since I've been feverishly trying to get all my 'ducks in row' with school before the year starts and things get really crazy, I've been working a lot on getting my Sub Binder all ready to go!  I'll have pictures up as soon as it's all complete.
So in the spirit of this joyous occasion, I'm putting my Long-Term Sub Binder on sale (HALF OFF) for the next 24 hours! :)
Here's a peek:

The new cover option:


I'm slightly OCD and have a problem with relinquishing control (especially over my classroom). Any advice/tips on how to prepare for 3 months off?
I know I'll be busy and in love with baby but until he's here I will be stressing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Made It!

Today I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
Yes, I realize it is now mid-way through Tuesday but we'll just pretend. 
This summer has been quite different from any other summers and that's because I have some BIG NEWS…but I can't share that big news just yet. You'll have to come back next week for that reveal. :)

I have been busy though.  Here's what I've been making:

I finally got around to updating my Long-Term Sub Binder and I made some new covers that I am in love with! Excited to head to Staples to get these bad boys printed out and into a binder!
I also added 18 more pages for even more (slightly OCD) organizing!! 
whoop whoop!


You can take a peek at what's included in THIS post.
Or you can check it out HERE.

Then, I made another Parent-Teacher Communication Binder for a friend.
I kinda think it's adorable and it was created to match Melanie from Schoolgirl Style's Owl-themed classroom the best I could! :)

Every cover in this book has 4 options {color and b&w}
I also have 2 purchase options:
an OWL Book Binder as is
an EDITABLE OWL Book Binder (this allows you to type in what you want to say on each cover, as well as in the letter to parents)

I started using daily communication binders with my parents 6 years ago and I will never do anything different.  It is the best way to keep your parents in the loop of what is going on in your classroom and how their student is behaving and progressing daily. I receive the most praise (in terms of communication) about these binders!  You can read more about these binders and see other binder-themed options HERE.

And finally…

I worked really hard on this last product.  Why? Because it's a product/tool that I will be using all year long.  Last year I had two students who struggled all year on learning and mastering the letters of the alphabet, consistently and fluently.  Mid-year I purchased a book titled Interventions That Work and it changed my life.  Everything that is outlined in this book were things that I already knew (or at least heard before) but wasn't registering as an effective way to get my students mastering this foundational skill. 
After reading the book, I began to put all of that knowledge to use and began creating the following packet.  I used many of the games featured in this packet in the final months of the school year and was able to see improvements from both students.
I spent some time this summer researching a little more on orthographic systems and created this packet.  It will serve a supplement to many other great tools that I will use throughout the year.

Click images to take a little peek.

After looking at so many other wonderful things that all of you have been making, my 'to-do' list has grown even more!
Excited to get started on some DIY projects around the house too. 

Don't forget to stop by Tara's blog to check out some other great projects!

Fourth Grade Frolics

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Talk

I've been M.I.A. for quite some time and for that, I apologize.  Well, maybe I don't.  After the end of a crazy year, I have been thoroughly enjoying summer doing absolutely nothing. It has been wonderful. :)

One thing I have been doing is reading…so I thought I would link up with Deanna today! Click the image below to check out other awesome books!

I love reading. It's such a nice hobby and perfect for when I'm laying by a nice body of water {which I will be doing for the remainder of the week…yay}!

Today, I want to share with you a NON-professional development book. 
If you're looking for an easy and funny read then you need to pick up Mindy Kaling's book: 

{click to purchase}

Mindy is absolutely HILARIOUS! I have caught myself laughing out loud numerous times while reading this book.  
The book is basically about her life, how she got into the tv/comedy industry, and she gives lots of tidbits about working with other comedians and some fun advice {if you will} on life topics. She is hands down one of my favorite comedians, which was confirmed after reading her book {in two days}.

Seriously y'all, this book is worth every penny.  You will find yourself laughing and smiling throughout the whole read and you will not want to put it down. This book is a great read for those who are wanting something to take their mind off school-related topics for a minute and take in a breath of fresh air. Laughter is such great medicine for the soul. 

Other books on my library list:

Another comedian I love!

For some spiritual guidance. Love me some G-O-D!

Already started this bad boy.  Lots of information on the RTI process and how to really provide meaningful interventions. Post on this soon.

I've heard really great things about this book. 
Can't wait to start reading!

Ok…off to do… well... not much! :) 
Happy Summer!